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City of Apache Junction Transit Feasibility Study Update

The Apache Junction Transit Feasibility Study Update was conducted as an element of an Apache Junction Comprehensive Transportation Study.  This study was undertaken by Jacobs Engineering Group in 2010 under the Planning Assistance for Rural Areas (PARA) program administered by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

As a subconsultant to Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. Rob Bohannan was the lead transit planner for the study and oversaw the study of current and future conditions relating to public transit to, from, and within the City of Apache Junction, together with an analysis of alternative service scenarios and final recommendations.

Rob assisted with an inventory of current multimodal conditions within the Study Area.  He summarized the operations of existing human services transportation providers in the area, and gathered data concerning governance, fleet status, levels of service, ridership, employment and other activity centers, and travel patterns.  Unmet needs that were identified by the City, the Central Arizona Council of Governments, the operators themselves, Technical Advisory Committee members, or other stakeholders were summarized.

Rob reviewed the transit demand findings of the Apache Junction Transit Feasibility Study completed by Lima & Associates in 2005 and revised the estimates to reflect the changes in study area demographics since 2005.  Applicable Arizona Department of Commerce estimates for both population and employment by Census Block and Census Block Group were used to estimate the demographic changes that had occurred since the completion of the Apache Junction Transit Feasibility Study.

Rob participated in examining concepts for future public transportation in the Study Area.  He developed candidate demographic thresholds that would warrant additional public transportation services such as the implementation of local circulators or extension of the LINK bus rapid transit service from Mesa into Apache Junction as well as the eventual extension of light rail into the study area.

Rob used forecasted population and employment data by travel analysis zone (TAZ) to estimate transit demand for area population thresholds of 60,000, 75,000, and 130,000.  He evaluated the projected demand, estimated levels of service and identified potential transit route alignments needed to meet that demand at each horizon year, considering existing and emerging residential areas and employment centers.

Rob developed recommended “next steps” to be taken by the City to plan for renewed increases in gasoline prices, anticipated development in the southern portion of the community, and other developments that could increase the demand for public transportation.  Strategies recommended included:

  • Implementation of transportation demand management such as a ride sharing program or vanpool program.
  • Development of one or more local circulator service areas where concentrations of population and employment warrant.
  • Extension of the bus rapid transit LINK service currently operated from the east end of the METRO light rail route to Superstition Springs eastward from Superstition Springs into the study area.
  • Planning and right-of-way preservation for future extension of light rail into the study area.




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